Core Academic Program

  • Individual Classes are $500 per semester (Field trips may have additional fees).
  • Our Core Academic programs are $7,300 for unlimited access to our 8:30 am – 2:45 pm Monday-Thursday classes as well as access to our Friday open learning center hours (Field trips may have additional fees).

Afternoon Offerings

  • 3 pm and 4 pm classes Monday – Thursday are $15 per 50 minute class (some classes have additional materials fees).
  • Supervised hour of Free play prior or after class is an additional $8.  
  • Afternoon classes include: American Sign Language, Spanish, Hebrew, Mandarin, Kung Fu, Drawing Skills & Create your own Comic book, Chess, Knitting & Sewing Skills, STEM, Edifying Adventures, Intro to Robotics and Coding, and Makers Space.

Your Home School Funds

  • As a home school vendor you can use your home school funds towards the cost of classes and programs. Example: You sign up for two classes for first semester, this equals $1000, plus two afternoon classes per week $ 30. Your total for the semester will be approximately $1480.   If we are an approved vendor from your homeschool then you can use your instructional funds to cover all or part of that amount. Anything not paid by the home school would be your responsibility.